Tooth braces have long been used by Dental Solutions Kampala as an orthodontic treatment to correct dental misalignment and improve one’s oral health and appearance. The use of dental braces can have a significant impact on overall tooth, jaw, and facial structure alignment. However, with the benefits come the possibility of side effects and discomfort, especially for adult patients..

Understanding the positive and negative effects of tooth braces is essential for deciding whether this orthodontic treatment is appropriate for individual dental needs.

In this context, we will look at how tooth braces can affect one’s dental health and overall well-being.

What are the Side Effects of Braces on Teeth for Adults?

Following are top 10 most common side effects of braces on teeth, face or lips for adults.

Painless Discomfort
Braces may cause slight pain in adults because they are not used to wearing them. As a result, it may be difficult to adjust to in the first few weeks.

  • Difficulty Eating

While wearing braces, adults may experience some eating difficulties. It is one of the most common side effects of braces on teeth because our teeth will not move as freely as they did before the braces.

  • Difficulty Speaking

Because of the tight metallic wires and brackets, adults may find it difficult to speak properly while wearing braces. As a result, most adults may lisp while wearing braces.

  • Jaw Ache

Jaw pain is undoubtedly one of the most common side effects of braces on the face. Tight braces can cause tooth pain, which can spread to the jaw, especially if jaw treatment was performed prior to the installation of the braces.

  • Discomfort

Most teenagers or adults may experience discomfort while wearing braces because they are clearly not used to such metallic wires and brackets.

  • Wounds in the Mouth

In the early weeks of wearing braces, there is a high risk of developing mouth sores as a result of consistent irritation.

  • Eating Disturbance

Disturbance while eating is obviously another side effect of braces for adults because they can’t eat everything freely while wearing braces and have to be very careful while chewing the eatables.

Reactions to Food allergies
Some adults may experience allergic reactions to the latex rubber used in braces or metallic wire.

  • Additional Oral Hygiene Responsibilities

Adults must be extra vigilant about their oral hygiene routine after wearing braces because it takes longer to brush your teeth thoroughly with braces on and you won’t be able to let any food leftovers stick to the braces. As a result, the adults must be responsible. As a result, there is a best age for adult orthodontics.

Plaque buildup is a possibility.
If the adults do not take extra hygiene precautions while wearing braces, plaque buildup around the braces and teeth may occur, potentially leading to tooth decay.

Side Effects of Braces on Face

Tight braces may alter the shape of an adult’s face because they force teeth repositioning and jaw repositioning, and as a result, an adult’s cheeks may be pushed inwards or outwards due to a changed jaw position. As a result, many adults may experience a change in the position and shape of their original face, jaw, or cheeks.

Furthermore, braces may force you to realign your lips and nose in order to achieve a symmetrical smile. This may result in a different nose shape, a different lip shape, and ultimately a different look – sometimes a better look, sometimes a strange look.

Side Effects of Braces on Lips

There are no direct side effects of braces on lips because braces do not directly affect the lips because they only have to align the teeth by repositioning the teeth to fill the overall space in the jaw in the best possible way to provide you with a perfect smile; however, you may experience your lips moving inwards or outwards due to repositioning of the front teeth; however, this does not mean that your lips have been reshaped like any other surgery such as botox treatment.


Braces are still the most popular orthodontic treatment for many people due to their strong ability to correct even the most severe realignment issues. However, there may be some side effects of braces for adults on teeth, face, or lips, but they are all temporary and can be avoided under the supervision of a professional orthodontist in dental solutions Kampala.

However, if you choose an expert orthodontist for metal braces services in Dental Solutions Kampala, you won’t have to worry about all of these potential side effects of adult braces on teeth, lips, or face. If you have any questions about the temporary or permanent side effects of braces, contact a professional dental office such as Dental Solutions Kampala.

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