Can I have braces if I have crowns or veneers on my teeth?

This is a frequently asked question by patients.

It is a common misconception that you cannot wear braces if you have dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, or even fillings. Braces, on the other hand, can be fitted on teeth with crowns or veneers. Orthodontic treatments are frequently classified into three types:

  • Front teeth braces that are fixed
  • Braces that are fixed to the backs of your teeth
  • Braces that can be removed

What is the best type of orthodontic treatment (brace) to have with crowns and/or veneers?

If possible, we would prefer not to use a fixed brace on a crown or veneer. A removable brace, such as Invisalign, would be the best option. However, because Invisalign is not as exact as a permanent brace, we have methods of connecting the fixed brackets to the crown, veneer, or filling if a fixed brace is recommended.

Will bracing affect my crown, veneer, or filling?

If a crown, veneer, or filling is in good condition, orthodontic therapy will not harm the crown or veneer. We employ precise techniques to connect the brace to the crown or veneer, and the brace will be carefully removed following treatment to avoid any unintended harm to the crown or veneer.

Will I need my crown, veneer or filling changed after orthodontic treatment?

In general, if the restoration is healthy and visually pleasing, it will not need to be replaced after braces. Most patients who receive orthodontic treatment will have crowns or veneers that are not particularly attractive and will want them replaced as well.

Because all of our orthodontic treatments include complimentary teeth whitening, we recommend that the natural teeth be whitened first, and then the crowns or veneers can be replaced to match the new whiter colour.

When replacing existing crowns and veneers for a natural, beautiful smile, good smile design and diagnostic wax ups are required.

Case Study: Six Month Smiles on a Crowned Patient
The crown on this patient’s lower incisor tooth is essentially healthy. Using a porcelain bonding kit, we glued the fixed bracket to the porcelain on the crown. Following orthodontic treatment, this bracket was successfully removed, with no damage to the existing crown.

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