Dental fillings, Commonly termed as cementing in Uganda is a treatments used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure.

At Dental solutions Kampala, restoring a tooth to good form and function requires two steps.
First, Our top qualified dentists prepare the tooth for placement of cement/ filling material.
This is commonly done with a dental instrument known as a hand pieces which comprises of a few more instruments.
Lastly, cement is then placed in the prepared area and built up to the comfort of our esteemed client.

Here at dental solutions Kampala we have different types fillings and these include;


And so many more.

When you come in for examination, our dentists are able to figure out the type of filling material (cement) that will work best for you.
The decision is usually based on the location and severity of the associated cavity.
Since the material is required to set while in contact with the tooth.

When a deep cavity has been filled, there is a possibility that the nerve may have been irritated.
This may result into short term sensitivity to cold and hot substances and pain when biting down on the specific tooth.
It may settle down on its own.
If not, then an alternative treatment such as root canal treatment may be considered to resolve the pain while keeping the tooth.

In situations where a relatively larger amount of tooth structure has been lost or replaced with a dental filling material.
The overall strength of the tooth may be affected.

This significantly increases the risk of the tooth fracturing off in the future and therefore our dentist will then advise you to make a crown for that tooth.

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