Reasons to get braces

Do you close your lips when you smile? Do you hide your mouth when you laugh? While many people have crooked teeth, if your teeth are causing you discomfort or shame, It’s time to think about obtaining braces from dental solutions Kampala dentists.

Braces will straighten your teeth, correct bite problems, and enhance the appearance of your smile overall. Best of all, dental braces produce long-term results.

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5 reasons to get braces

Discover the top 5 reasons why you might require braces by reading on. We’ll also talk about the many kinds of braces that our orthodontists might recommend.

1. Under bite

When you smile, do your lower teeth overlap your upper front teeth? If this is the case, you may have an underbite, which our orthodontists can cure. Under bites can be especially dangerous while eating or talking, increasing the risk of mouth harm.

Please contact us if you suspect you have an under bite. Our orthodontists are more than prepared to align your teeth into a stunning smile.

2. Open Bite

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Is there a visible gap between your upper and lower teeth? If so, you may have an open bite. Patients who have open bites frequently have trouble eating or speaking appropriately. They may also have humiliating tendencies, such as tongue pushing.

If you have an open bite, our orthodontists can restore your smile with traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign braces.


Do your bottom teeth occasionally bite into your mouth’s roof or entirely disappear when you bite? You might have a severe overbite. If left unchecked, pronounced overbites can cause gum tissue damage as well as front tooth damage.

Our orthodontists can improve the appearance of your smile regardless of your age by correcting your overbite. However, because their jaws haven’t finished growing, children’s overbites are easier to treat.

4. Crowding

One of the most popular reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment is this. Your teeth may be overlapping because of crowding if it feels like there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth. Your smile can be dramatically improved by getting rid of crowded teeth.

You can avoid cavities by straightening your crowded teeth. Where the bristles of the toothbrush can’t reach, dental plaque loves to hide. Plaque won’t be able to conceal itself as easily if you get your teeth straightened


Are your teeth unevenly spaced, resulting in large gaps in your smile? This could be due to teeth that are proportionally small in comparison to the rest of your mouth, or it could be due to missing teeth. We can help you recover your smile at Dental Solutions Kampala Orthodontics.

Closing the large gaps in your grin may appear to be a purely aesthetic concern. It can, however, assist you protect your oral health. Food particles can become caught and collect on your gums if your teeth are widely spread apart, resulting in foul breath, cavities, and other dental difficulties.

Are There Other Options to Traditional Metal Braces?

If you are self-conscious about having traditional metal braces on your teeth, ask our orthodontists if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are practically invisible aligners that fit over your teeth, as the name implies. These aligners apply pressure to your teeth, causing them to gradually migrate into their final placements.

We can also correct bite difficulties with Invisalign braces, however Smart Force attachments may be required. These are little, tooth-colored bumps that we glue to your teeth and push against your aligners.

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