A question that is frequently asked is can you get braces with missing teeth?

Yes, the answer is yes. When teeth are missing, neighboring teeth frequently move into the empty space, which can cause serious problems. Orthodontic treatment will correct and prevent these problems from occurring, as well as correct problems that may have occurred due to missing teeth.

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We are open Monday through Saturday! If a patient is missing teeth, we have several options for treating this issue. In some cases, braces may be used to simply close the gap left by a missing tooth. This could be a great option for someone who is already dealing with overcrowding. In some cases, where one or more teeth are missing, orthodontics can close the spaces left by these teeth partially or completely. After orthodontics, this can reduce or eliminate the patient’s need for tooth replacement.

Unless the missing tooth truly needs to be replaced, braces can be applied in such a way that space is left for a future restoration. Braces can be used to widen the space so that an implant or bridge can be added if the space isn’t wide enough for replacement. If there is already enough space for a dental restoration, braces can be used to keep that area open so that the surrounding teeth do not crowd out the open space (if that would not be detrimental to your overall bite).

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Patients who are missing teeth can benefit from orthodontic treatment, which can improve the health of their teeth and gums. Patients with overcrowded or misaligned teeth should consider wearing braces. For patients who have lost teeth, the missing teeth may be causing their alignment issues due to the surrounding teeth shifting locations.

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dental Solutions Kampala will consider this when placing your braces. If a missing tooth is to be restored, the space may need to be widened to accommodate the restoration. In other cases, the space may simply need to be maintained. In some cases, braces can simply be used to close the gap between existing teeth. What is best will be decided in Dental solutions Kampala.

This implies that braces can help patients with missing teeth not only with alignment issues, but they can also help patients in a variety of other ways. Braces can properly align the surrounding teeth, close any small gaps between teeth, open up the space left by a missing tooth to allow for restoration, and prevent surrounding teeth from moving into the missing tooth’s space. Braces can actually help prevent many other problems from occurring if they are not treated.

We offer a free consultation with our dental solutions. Orthodontist in Kampala
Consider scheduling a consultation with Dental Solutions Kampala if you are missing a tooth and are concerned about the alignment of your teeth. We can collaborate with you to develop an orthodontic treatment plan that takes into account your missing tooth or teeth as well as any other dental issues you may be experiencing. You will have better oral health if your teeth are properly aligned.

Of course, each patient is unique, so it’s critical to consult with our orthodontist, Dental solutions kampala, to determine what will work best for you.

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